Wanna put a little pep in your step? Torture everyone in earshot with your musical hops? Toronto just got a working piano staircase, so your chance is now!

We guess someone with some influence in a board of directors somewhere watched Big one too many times. According to TO Times, a staircase in the Metro Centre has been converted to a working piano of sorts- you’ll trigger the sound of the keys with every step you take.

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The project was completed by Oxford Properties (ah, we know the culprit) and is fittingly close to Roy Thompson Hall. The stairs read “a little rhythm in your step,” and a sign mentions that both taking the stairs and music can improve your health.

We’re usually beelining for an escalator, elevator, or anything that isn’t stairs. Well, maybe it’s time to make our quads less noodly in the name of music.

Find the stairs in the PATH between Roy Thompson Hall and Metro Hall. We’re ready to hear your tunes! Just don’t trip and fall trying to hit that high note.