Toronto’s most talked about veterinary clinic just opened their second location in Leaside, and trust us: it doesn’t disappoint. 

Located next to PetSmart and Pet Valu, the addition of Juno Veterinary to the Leaside shopping annex makes for an easy one-stop shop for pet owners. With its fresh and modern design, friendly staff, and upfront pricing, this is one vet clinic you and your pet will actually enjoy visiting.

While typical vet clinic visits can feel like a surge-priced Uber ride to the airport—stressful, rushed, and expensive beyond belief—Juno Veterinary delivers a stark contrast, with pet-friendly seating, warm welcomes, and free treats and bevys for you and your pet. There’s even free parking!

Prepare to be greeted by a beautiful modern clinic and the latest in cutting-edge medical equipment. The same and next-day urgent appointments are also a real game-changer for any dog park scraps or tick bites.

Expect a warm greeting with team members on all fours giving out cuddles, ear scratches, and asking questions – for your pet, of course. Juno vets are also certified Fear Free practitioners, which means they’ll be extra gentle and caring, which is always nice for skittish pets.

Toronto vet care
Photo via Juno Veterinary

Speaking of skittish pets, there’s no need to worry about any cat versus dog face-offs. Juno’s new Leaside clinic has a feline-only exam room, so your cat can roam free and comfortable.

For those worst-case scenarios, Juno goes above and beyond to show compassion. Their unique end-of-life care room comes complete with a private exit, so you can skip the waiting room after one of life’s toughest moments.

Toronto vet care
Photo via Juno Veterinary

Part of the Juno advantage is a unique membership model with added benefits that go far beyond the exam room.

Your Juno Vet membership includes:

  • Your pet’s annual exam 
  • Same and next-day urgent appointments 
  • Easy online booking and rescheduling 
  • Upfront and transparent pricing 
  • Modern, stress-free clinics
  • Unlimited 24/7 virtual care via the Juno app

You read that right: there really is an app for everything. Thanks to their 24/7 chat or call function, you can access a Juno pet care professional no matter where you are or what time it is.

Does Fluffy’s 2 AM hairball look a little alarming? At a cottage 5 hours outside of the city and unsure if Rio’s been bitten by a tick? 

Send photos or call their team, and have your concerns addressed in minutes. It’s great for saving yourself a panicked trip if the issue will resolve itself on its own. 

You can even use the app to book appointments, check your pet’s records, and refill their prescriptions. All that means fewer phone calls and less leaving the house. Perfect.

Toronto vet care
Photo via Juno Veterinary

Finally, Juno doesn’t just stop at reimagining pet care. Their team is known for going above and beyond with care for their vet professionals—an industry notoriously known for high burnout and a shortage of qualified vets. 

The team at Juno ensures their staff have dedicated time to catch up on patient charts, communicate with pet owners to answer any questions and continue their own professional learning and development. The result is that your pet gets incredible care, and you have ample time to ask questions throughout your visit.

Toronto vet care
Photo via Juno Veterinary

Juno’s all about walking the (four-legged) walk, with transparent, upfront pricing and a detailed breakdown of your vet bill, so you understand exactly what your options are. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises at the end of your visit. 

For just $169, you’ll get your first appointment, access to 24/7 virtual care, and a host of other amazing year-long benefits for you and your pet.

Toronto vet care
Photo via Juno Veterinary

Ready to upgrade your vet experience? Curiocity readers get access to a limited-time special offer: get $50 off your first exam plus one year of Juno membership. 

Visit and use promo code CURIOCITY50 to enjoy all the benefits Juno has to offer—you won’t look back.


11 Industrial Street (Leaside)
1073 Yonge Street (Summerhill)
2440 Bloor Street West (Bloor West Village: opening October 2023)

And yes, they’re hiring