It’s not every day that a house for sale in Toronto checks all the important boxes, and homebuyers are well aware of that fact. That may be why interested buyers practically busted down the door of this home in Seaton Village, which got over 100 showings within three days of it being on the market.

The three-bedroom property at 530 Clinton St has a lot going for it and a lot of potential, too. The gorgeous staging added to its appeal and the price point is also pretty ideal for the area, realtor Valerie Benchitrit told Curiocity.

According to Benchitrit, a very good turnout for a new home on the market would typically be around 50 showings in the span of three days. This house got more than double the attention, which Benchitrit said is “above and beyond” normal.

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Photo via Josie Stern Team agent Sam Massoudi, who took his client to view the property, said that there are many factors that make this home special. The key feature is the 300 square foot heated garage studio, which could double as a home office or gym.

“I think Toronto’s low housing supply is contributing to the insane interest in this particular property,” Massoudi told Curiocity. “It’s a pretty good house overall. Plus it’s located in the Seaton Village area, which is very desirable.”

Photo via Josie Stern Team

“Based on what’s been done with other houses on the street, this home may have the potential to be expanded into something bigger.”

The listing says that there’s enough space to build a two-story laneway house spanning over 1,000 square feet.

Photo via Josie Stern Team

Some of the other highlights include the backyard, an en suite bathroom attached to the primary bedroom, private parking, and access to one of the city’s most central neighbourhoods in the Annex.

At a price point of $1,479,000, it isn’t what you’d call cheap by any other standards other than Toronto’s, but it definitely has people’s attention. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how much over-asking it ends up selling for.