Not all heroes wear capes. This one wears a hat and a black sweater. Meet Tony Colley. Tony used to struggle financially, having suffered a failed business venture. Sometimes he found that there were days he hardly ate at all. So when he was hired by a catering company and saw how much food was wasted after events, he knew there was a need for change.

It started with him packing up leftover food and delivering it to local food shelters. Since then, it’s grown into the Be One To Give (B12Give) food program. Their mandate is to fight against food waste and food insecurity in the GTA.

So far approximately 11,000 pounds of food have been collected and delivered through his program. That’s around 8,500 meals! It’s making quite the impact on Canada’s apparent $31 billion food waste problem. Whew, that’s quite a problem.

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B12Give currently in the beginning stages of developing an app, which is sure to increase its positive impact even further. It’ll be just like Uber Eats, only free and world-changing for those less fortunate. We’re super excited to see this program continue to grow.

The biggest challenge Tony says he’s had is retailers being reluctant to donate, due to fear of being sued over accidentally offering expired food. But the good news is Ontario’s Donation of Food Act and the province’s Good Samaritan Act protects those who are willing to donate leftovers and fresh food! So if you’re a retailer who’s as moved by this story as we are, there’s no need to be afraid to do something to help.

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