That settles it, summer is officially here – or at least it feels like it! Toronto is in for a pretty steamy week as a two-day heat warning has been issued. Here’s what to know.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto will experience a two-day “heat event” starting this Thursday with temperatures reaching a high of 31°C but feeling more like 34°C.

Temperatures are expected to remain above the 30s into Friday. On both Thursday and Friday nights, we’ll get a little relief from the heat as temperatures will near the high teens, according to the EC.

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heat warning toronto
Photo via Environment Canada

But that being said, the heat warning will be in effect during those days. Although it may seem like fun and a sure sign that we’re in for a wonderful summer, it does not mean temperatures are any less dangerous.

“Extreme heat affects everyone,” says the EC. “The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.”

Ensure you stay hydrated if you’re out and about, don’t leave anyone or pets locked inside a parked vehicle and wear that sunblock.

And on top of the extreme weather, a special air quality statement is in place “due to the possibility of deteriorating air quality.”

Due to the hot and humid weather conditions, pollution levels are elevating. That means high air pollution is possible today.

Love it or hate it, the heat is not here to stay, however. Temperatures are expected to drop on Saturday but still remain above the low 20s.

So enjoy the heat (if you can) while it’s here. Stay safe out there!