Looking for a temporary job or side-hustle? There are thousands of Toronto Elections jobs you can apply for right now.

The municipal election is coming up on October 24 and there are 15,000 roles that need to be filled, including managing deputy returning officers, ballot officers, tabulator officers, and customer service officers.

No experience is required to apply for an election official position., but there are a few requirements to be eligible.

For example, you need to be at least 18 years old and legally able to work in Canada.

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“Successful applicants who work the election will hone their skills in customer service, problem solving, leadership and team work, while learning about how to run a fair and accessible election,” says the City of Toronto.

Toronto Elections will also be doing their best to place applicants in the voting station closest to their home address, so you likely won’t have to commute very far either.

For most of these jobs, you will have to be available both on election day and during the advance vote period from October 7 to 14.

The pay ranges from $235 to $425 and will be sent as a cheque mailed to your home address around six weeks after election day. You will also need to attend training for your job, and compensation for that is included in the final amount.

All of the jobs and their descriptions are listed on the City of Toronto’s website. Throw in your application for a chance to make some extra dough and get some work experience while you’re at it.