Would you be surprised to know that despite the rising costs of living millennials are actually the generation that’s considered “house-obsessed”?

Knowing this, the experts at Compare the Market AU decided to take the things millennials look for such as affordable housing, start-up jobs with plenty of progression, and accessibility and create a list of the best cities for millennials to work and live.

Toronto was the only non-European spot to land on the list of the best cities for millennials and here’s how it ranked.

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Compare the Market AU says the factors that went into the list include:

  • Work/life balance – Characterized by successful start-ups in each city, alongside unemployment rates, and the percentage of employees working 50+ hours a week
  • Recreation – Characterized by the number of walking trails, bars, attractions, and fitness clubs per 100,000 people
  • Affordability – Characterized by the city’s cost of living, and mortgage credit interest rates
  • Equality – Characterized by the levels of anti-discrimination, alongside gender equality and LGBTQ+ acceptance scores
  • Service access – Characterized by the levels of health and education across the population, alongside internet speeds
best cities for millennials
Image via Compare the Market AU

Toronto ranked in the last spot on the list at number ten.

According to Compare the Market AU, Toronto is  “the fourth highest for equality, with a 100% score for anti-discrimination, as well as coming fourth for LGBTQ+ acceptance.”

It also adds that Toronto residents are educated, with 92% obtaining at least a high-school diploma – the third highest on the list.

Amsterdam, Netherlands ranked first while Stockholm, Sweden and Prague, Czechia followed in second and third.

Choosing where to move can be hard and according to General Manager of Money at Compare the Market AUS, Stephen Zeller, all factors should be taken into consideration.

“Often, it can be a new job offer, or it might be that properties are a lot more affordable. However, as this ranking shows, there are so many other things you should consider too,” says Zeller.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully, you’re satisfied with your choice to live here knowing Toronto is one of the best cities for millennials!