Just in time for the warmer weather, our beaches are gearing up to open for the season. The City has revealed when Toronto beaches open for swimming this year, and the date is just around the corner.

The City says that while beaches are available year-round for public use, lifeguard supervision does not start until June.

This year, lifeguard supervision and beach maintenance will begin on Saturday, June 3rd.

“Swimming at beaches should only occur when a lifeguard is on duty and is only permitted in the designated swimming areas,” the City says.

Lifeguards will remain stationed at public beaches until September.

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Here are all of the Toronto beaches open for swimming on June 3rd:

  • Bluffer’s Beach
  • Centre Island Beach
  • Cherry/Clarke Beach
  • Gibraltar Point Beach
  • Hanlan’s Point Beach
  • Kew-Balmy Beach
  • Marie Curtis Park Beach East
  • Rouge Beach
  • Sunnyside Beach
  • Ward’s Island Beach
  • Woodbine Beach

It looks like Toronto will be kicking off the official start of beach season with some glorious warm weather.

Sunny skies and highs near 30°C are expected around the start of June!

We’ve waited all winter for this moment, and now it’s finally time to put our toes in the sand and enjoy it!