If you’re looking for a bucket-list-worthy destination to visit in Canada this upcoming summer, Torngat Mountains National Park should definitely be on your list, especially if you’re a history buff!

Known as one of the ‘last unspoiled places left on Earth,” the national park is home to ancient fjords and hanging valleys carved by glaciers during the last ice age hundreds of thousands of years ago. Its name ‘Torngat’ comes from the Inuktitut word ‘Tongait,’ meaning ‘place of spirits,’ according to Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism.

As such, the 9,700 square kilometres of wilderness are traditional Inuit lands, where the group and their predecessors hunted, fished, and travelled through over thousands of years.

Today, it’s a land of polar bears, mountains, and over 40 small glaciers, which symbolize the last of their kind in eastern continental North America.

Visitors can hike on the oldest rock formations on Earth, sleep under the Northern Lights via Parks Canada’s ‘InterShelters,’ and so much more.

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Equipped with electricity, heat, and comfy beds, InterShelters provides visitors with a scenic spot to rest after exploring the highest mountains in Canada east of the Rockies.

Interested in experiencing this spectacular national park for yourself? There are chartered flights available from Goose Bay, N.L. to Saglek and boat/helicopter rides to the Torngat Mountains Base Camp. According to Parks Canada, visitors can book round-trip packages that include air transport, meals, tent accommodation, and guided excursions.

Visitors from Montreal or Halifax can travel to the park via PAL Airlines on select days.

So there you have it, explorers! Is this incredible park on your bucket list yet?

Torngat Mountains National Park

Where: Newfoundland and Labrador