If you’re looking to shake up your routine and find a new takeout spot to try, tune in. Yelp has officially released its annual ranking of the top 100 places to eat in 2024, and they’re scattered across the country.

In a nutshell, Yelp asked its users in Canada to nominate their favourite restaurants, analyzing the restaurants’ ratings, reviews, and number of submissions.

From those submitted, the list is narrowed down by Yelp’s community managers and trend experts to form a curated list of must-visit spots.

Top cuisines & trends

Some key takeaways for 2024? Breakfast and brunch are among the top food categories on Yelp this year, claiming ten spots on the list. This includes The Diner House 29 in St. Catherine’s, Clementine in Winnipeg, and Montreal’s L’Avenue.

According to Yelp, other popular cuisines include Middle Eastern with seven restaurants on the list, and Indian restaurants with five.

As for the number one spot, the top restaurant in Canada for 2024 is Chen Chen’s Nashville Hot Chicken in Toronto. The restaurant is known for its delicious Nashville hot chicken and traditional southern sides with an Asian flair – particularly its popular Szechuan spicy chicken sandwich.

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The 2024 list also includes several returning spots, such as Buvette Scott in Quebec City and Toronto’s Grandma Loves You, which secured the number two and four spots respectively.

Sandwiched in the middle (no pun intended) is a newcomer to the list, Manoush’eh, a Lebanese restaurant in Vancouver.

Also returning to the list is last year’s top eatery, The Northern Cafe and Grill – which is also located in Vancouver.

For Montreal foodies – Burger Bar Crescent (#7) and Syrian restaurant, Damas (#9), secured spots in the top ten.

In Alberta, Yelp reviewers loved Calgary’s Minas Brazilian Steakhouse (#13) and The Himalayan (#15), which are among 11 restaurants in the province to make the list.

Overall, the city with the most top eateries this year is Toronto, with 20 restaurants on the list, followed by 14 in Montreal, and 11 in Vancouver (26 total in BC).

Ready for even more tasty options? Here are 25 of the top 100 places to eat in Canada this year:

  1. Chen Chen’s Nashville Hot Chicken – Toronto
  2. Buvette Scott – Quebec City
  3. Manoush’eh – Vancouver
  4. Grandma Loves You – Toronto
  5. New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse – Toronto
  6. The Rimrock Cafe – Whistler
  7. Burger Bar Crescent – Montreal
  8. Yokai Izakaya – Vaughn, ON
  9. Damas – Montreal
  10. Big Trio Wonton Noodle – Markham, ON
  11. Southeast Sandwiches – Woodbridge, ON
  12. Number E Food – Vancouver
  13. Minas Brazilian Steakhouse – Calgary
  14. The Northern Cafe and Grill – Vancouver
  15. The Himalayan – Calgary
  16. Ferrovia Ristorante – Thornhill, ON
  17. Tom Sushi – Vancouver
  18. Bouillon Bilk – Montreal
  19. Zeal Burgers – Toronto
  20. The Diner House 29 – St. Catherine’s, ON
  21. Ten Foot Henry – Calgary
  22. Weinkeller – Niagra Falls, ON
  23. Pawans Indian Kitchen – North Vancouver
  24. Lamajoun – Richmond, BC
  25. Momo Hut & Gardens – Toronto

So there you have it, foodies! Time to get out there and try something new.