The famous fair we know and love is getting the recognition it deserves. Toronto’s CNE was named one of the top fairs in North America in 2022.

The annual ranking released by Carnival Warehouse lists the highest-attended fairs of the year in Canada and the US.

With an attendance of 1,566,268 in 2022, the CNE has landed in 5th place out of 50 fairs.

It had been two years since the CNE opened to the public, so it’s no surprise to see such high attendance numbers in 2022.

Carnival-goers also spent tons of money. In an interview with Carnival Warehouse, the CEO of the CNE Darrell Brown said that vendors did “extremely well in 2022.”

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“Some vendors were reporting to me that they were anywhere from 30 percent to 100 percent over their 2019 numbers.”

Other Canadian events were also named among the top fairs in North America.

The Calgary Stampede also landed in the top 10, landing in 8th place with an attendance of 1,216,859 in 2022. That’s a 130% increase from the previous Stampede.

The communications manager of the Calgary Stampede told Carnival Warehouse that the 2022 event was “in many ways, the best ever.”

In Vancouver, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) also made the cut. The fair had an attendance of 529,000 and landed in 32nd place.

In 1st place is the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, with a whopping 2,547,289 attendees in 2022.

It was followed closely by another Texas-based fair, the Houston Livestock Show and Exhibition, which was attended by 2,417,248 people.

We’re happy to see the CNE returning to its pre-pandemic glory days. We hope that it only gets bigger and better with time!