The Toronto real estate scene never ceases to amaze us. The latest in this city’s wild housing trends comes a new way of living: tiny homes. You may immediately think of the internet trend of entire homes fit into small spaces, but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about. Instead, Toronto could become a place full of backyard homes that share a property with an original larger house.

It turns out that city councillors are on their way to legalizing this kind of living arrangement. Some people call this type of home garden suites, while others call them granny flat or coach houses. Whatever your preferred name for them is, essentially they’re just structures built at the end of people’s backyards where others can live.

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The meeting to discuss the legalization of this type of home is set to take place on Tuesday. Given how unaffordable Toronto’s real estate market has become, and the current financial crisis caused by the pandemic, this could be a great solution to finding folks living arrangements.

Of course, if these tiny homes are legalized, they’ll also come with specific standards and regulations to follow. Things like distance from the main house, specific size of the homes, where windows are placed.

But all-in-all these could be the future of Toronto real estate. What do you think? Could your next home be a tiny house in the back of someone else’s backyard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.