Forget pink flamingoes — Tim Hortons’ Timbits pool floats are where it’s at. The chain has unveiled a new merch collection for the summer, including beach towels, inflatable pool accessories, and camper mugs.

The limited-edition items will be sold at participating locations across Canada starting this Wednesday, June 29, just in time for the long weekend.

Measuring at over five feet long, the Timbits pool float is big enough to stretch out on while you glide on the water.

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timbits pool float
Photo via Tim Hortons

“What’s a summer gathering without a big box of Timbits? Cap off your Tims Run with a float under the sun on a giant inflatable box of Timbits,” the description says.

The company has also unveiled a red and white Tim Hortons beach towel, as well as ceramic camper mugs in both red and white.

The pool float costs $29.99 plus taxes, the beach towel is $24.99 plus taxes, and the mug is $10.99 plus taxes, however, the prices may vary by region.

Now all you need are some Timbits and a refreshing Biebs Brew for your next pool day.