If someone threatened to discontinue your favourite treat, what would you do to stop it? For one Albertan, the answer is in the wind!

Back for a limited time, The Walnut Crunch donut at Tim Hortons is a fan favourite – but we’d be willing to bet no one loves the pastry as much as Zacary Jeaurond.

For him, a “little while” isn’t long enough and in order to send the chain a message, he’s vowed to run and bike as far as it takes to keep the sweet treat on their menu long-term.

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@timhortons The Walnut Crunch is almost GONE! Donut miss out! Available at participating restaurants in Canada for a limited time or while supplies last. #WalnutCrunch ♬ original sound – Tim Hortons

Discounted 10 years ago, this chocolate-base donut was reintroduced as part of their National Donut Day drop in addition to their Cherry Stick flavour.

“Over the years, guests have been asking us to bring back these two classic donuts and we thought there was no time like National Donut Day to give them both the comeback tour they deserve,” said Tallis Voakes, Director of Culinary Innovation at Tim Hortons.

“Both the Walnut Crunch and Cherry Stick were iconic donuts in their time and I’m happy to report they still pack the same delicious punch in every bite.”

Sadly, this was only meant to be temporary – but not if Jeaurond can help it!

“I’m going to continue to advocate for what I love,” he said in a video where he ran to every Tims Location in Airdrie to purchase a donut.

“This is not a donut that should only come back for a limited time, it should come back for good. Talk to your franchise owners, managers, staff, and customers, they are all saying the same thing. KEEP THE WALNUT CRUNCH,” he continued in the caption.

“I am ready, willing and able to take on any challenge or task you ask of me. In return, all I ask, is you keep the walnut crunch around long enough for me and my daughter to share many more meaningful moments together, sharing the walnut crunch.”

As of right now, Tim Hortons has yet to respond, and Curiocity has reached out for comment (or confirmation?). We’ll keep you updated!

Here’s to hoping Jeaurond gets his wish.