We all have a story to tell, but is yours too good for a dinner party? If the answer is yes, you could get paid!

Tim Hortons is casting for its next big commercial and whether you’re from BC or Nova Scotia, they want you to share your experience with the country’s favourite coffee chain.

From coast to coast, those with a genuine story about Tim Hortons are encouraged to apply as long as they are 18 years old, can legally work in Canada and are available between April 8th and 29th for callbacks, wardrobe appointments and filming in the Greater Toronto area.

“For 60 years Tim Hortons has played a role in our lives. Whether it’s been more of a background role or something much more significant, we all have a relationship with Tims,” said Groundglass Casting, the folks behind the project.

“It’s been a place to meet special people or even a significant other. It’s been an initiation ritual for newcomers, a place to find community, a place where employees become friends, and a place to fuel our day or our kids’ teams.”

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Interested? Successful applicants will receive $75 for their wardrobe appointment, and $750 for one day of filming. Then – if your footage is used in the final commercial you’ll receive an additional $750 to $1,500 or $1,000 if your story is used but you are not on screen.

In addition, all travel costs and accommodations will be covered and you’ll receive $100 per diem and $350 for travel or any down days.

For more information or to toss your hat into the ring, head to their website now and good luck!

Maybe we’ll see you on the small screen!