We’re going to be totally transparent here. To say that we know very little about what it takes to be a professional hockey player, would be a gross understatement. We frequently embarrass ourselves in a pair of skates and still aren’t entirely sure how to hold a hockey stick. However, before you take our Canadian citizenship away, you may want to look at this very concerning video of the Calgary Flames warming up on Monday afternoon.

It’s no secret that the Calgary Flames have had a rough couple of weeks and while that may weigh heavy on your conscience and our hockey pool, it seems as though it’s dropped like a bomb on the players.

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In the video (which is reminiscent of one of those adorable Timbits games played between the second and third period during a regular-season match), the Flames can be seen looking disheveled and clumsy.

Some of the lowlights include Rasmus Andersson and Nikita Nesterov skating right into each other. Lucic looking terribly ill and taking 5 in a corner. Gaudreau hitting Monohan in the face and Rittich carelessly bumping into Valimaki.

Now, look. As much as we love roasting people who make far more money than we will in a lifetime, the series of clips are actually really difficult to watch. Painful even.

This undoubtedly appeared to a disaster but hey, maybe they all have the stomach flu. Heck, perhaps this was just a tactic meant to throw other teams off. We really can’t guarantee what happened here, but one thing is for sure; it can never be unseen.

They are better than this, so at some point today maybe we should remind them. If you guys have time, consider sending some love their way because of this? This was some 1992 home video business and we are not Tom Bergeron.