Ever cruise through what’s happening in Toronto on Twitter? We sure do, because it’s our job. One constant among the traffic complaints and skyline photos is Officer Randall Arsenault. This Toronto cop is Twitter-famous for his antics around the city, and you should definitely be following him.

So, who is this dude? He’s a police officer in Scarborough who really loves his job. No, really. All of his tweets are hashtagged with #LoveMyJob, and it’s disgustingly wholesome.

The dude really does seem to love his job, and his 31.1k followers (and 51.4k on Instagram!) love seeing his random updates. Like that puppy. Can we be “attacked” at work too, please?

The man clearly loves kids and posts plenty of updates with community kiddos between serious notes about safety around the city.

Between detailing how his night shifts went and raising awareness around issues like homelessness and distrcated driving, he’s goofing around in his cruiser and letting new recruits take the wheel.

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Speaking of night shifts and wholesomeness: “Nightshift shift, 3 of 7. My partner for the night was kind enough to bring me some Kottu Roti today. The last time I had it was at Tamilfest. I eat when I can, usually in between calls while doing up a report. Gotta stay fuelled!” True that, man.

And of course, an officer’s gotta stay fit!

We like the people around Toronto going the extra mile to make each day a solid one. Feel free to creep Officer Randall Arsenault next time you need some cheering up! We recommend an Insta creep if you want a solid dose of happy kids, police horses, and selfies with donuts. Who said you couldn’t be a policeman and an influencer at the same time?