Have you become a plant parent over the quarantine? Yeah, us too. We’ve also become accidental plant murderers a time or two. What? Taking care of a living thing can be hard sometimes! Good thing GAIA Plants is here to save the day.

So GAIA Plants is a Toronto-born company that’s sure to become a major game-changer when it comes to plant parenting. Essentially, they make easy-to-use technology that’ll tell you when your plant needs water. Sounds like a life-saver already, right? The plant guardian gadget sends you signals when it’s time to give your leafy friends a little extra care.

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So the gadget is completely customizable depending on what your plant needs. They have three moisture settings. Plus, they can even be customized to match seasons and moods. Pretty cool, right?

Of course, because they’re still in the early stages, GAIA Plants is running a kickstarter to help move the project along. When you support that, you’ll be eligible for exclusive discounts, specials, and more.

So be a good plant parent and check out this nifty little gadget. We know your thirsty greens will be glad you did.