There are plenty of movers and shakers in this city. We don’t do much moving or shaking, but we love finding people that do! CBC highlighted a Torontonian, Jeff Churchill, making custom-crafted kicks for Hollywood. We loved it so much, we’re sharing the news. Read on!

Jeff Churchill and his team run Jitterbug Boy. It’s a bespoke shoe shop nestled into a century-old Parkdale space. Jeff doesn’t dabble in shoes for us normal people, he makes shoes for Hollywood, Broadway, the ballet, and way more.


Boots for Guardians of the Galaxy? Pieces for The Shape of Water? Taron Egerton’s Rocketman shoes? The man does it all. In fact, Elton John consulted on the Rocketman looks and loved them so much, he asked Jeff for a personal pair of his own.

This year alone, the team at Jitterbug consulted on footwear for four out of the five films nominated for best motion picture. That’s one hell of a resume!

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Jeff’s staying humble, though. He told CBC, “Seeing our stuff on the screen is great, but it’s just a bonus really. Developing something that has never existed before in the world — that’s the addiction for me.”

The team started small almost 15 years ago, and now cranks out footwear for 50-60 films a year. It’s all handmade, despite time crunches and the technical challenges of designing footwear for films. You ever hung out of a plane in 7-inch heels? Gotta make sure they stay put!

If you want a pair of his legendary shoes, you’re going to have to make it big in Hollywood first. The team has no plans for retail. Keep an eye on the big screen, though- you’ll almost definitely spot a pair!