The future has officially arrived! We’ve jumped into a sci-fi movie here in Toronto thanks to an insane business created right here in the 6ix. It’s called Tiny Mile Delivery and it’s home to the cutest little delivery robots you’ve ever seen. Well, maybe the only delivery robots you’ve ever seen. But we digress.

So, as we mentioned, Tiny Mile Delivery was created right here in Toronto. The company is a startup that began just over a year ago – but it’s made a ton of progress in that short time. Essentially, they’ve made it their mission to provide small businesses with a safe, affordable (and adorable) delivery option.

That delivery option? Little robots named Geoffrey. Yes, the bots have a name! Why does that make them so much cuter?? Inspired by Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of AI, these little robots (individually referred to as G1-G10) are driven using remote pilot technology.

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Each Geoffrey comes equipped with a locked lid (gotta keep your food safe!), and a camera and GPS system. They can deliver within a 2KM radius of the restaurant. Plus, they have the ability to drive over sidewalks and navigate busy streets.

In fact, you might just see Geoffrey in action right now! There are currently about eight in circulation, picking up and delivering orders on UberEats. BRB we’re suddenly in the mood for some takeout!

Tiny Mile Delivery is currently partnered with over 20 restaurants and only growing with time. In June 2020, the company passed the benchmark of 500 deliveries! Then in December they completed the latest iteration of robots G7-G10. We can’t wait to see what the future of this exciting company holds!

Learn more about Tiny Mile Delivery here.