Rural Ontario probably isn’t the first place that comes to your mind when you imagine the source of the world’s purest spring water. But, in fact, experts have learned that the water flowing in the natural wells of Elmvale, a township located about an hour and a half from Toronto, is among the purest ever discovered.

Environmental geochemist and University of Alberta professor William Shotyk has been testing the water for decades, according to a Canadian Geographic article published in 2011. He built two wells in the area to ensure that the water stays as clean as possible. “The water contains less lead, by at least a factor of five, than the cleanest ice layers from the Arctic,” he said at the time.

In a Globe and Mail article published by Shotyk and fellow professor Michael Powell just last month, beneath the ground of this small farm town “lies an ancient, buried valley filled with glacial deposits providing some of the cleanest water yet identified.”

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Leading groundwater specialist professor John Cherry found that the water has such low levels of contaminants that it’s considered “pristine.” Shotyk and Powell say there’s a number of factors that make this water so clean, like the rich soil and sediments that act as natural purifiers, however, the exact reasons are still being studied.

The residents of Elmvale are well aware of the pristine streams flowing abundantly throughout their town. A water festival is held there every year to rehydrate, celebrate and educate people about this natural wonder. “It is the first event in human history where one can drink for free all day: a truck with 13,500 litres of cold, pure spring water provides all of the necessary refreshment,” the description says.

But, you don’t need to wait until the festival to get a taste. The Elmvale Water Kiosk supplies cold, pure spring water for you to enjoy.