For locally-owned restaurants, bars and lounges, the pandemic was exceptionally difficult. Being able to stay open during one of the craziest years in recent history wasn’t easy and those who were able to make it through to the other side certainly didn’t do so by luck. It took time, hope, passion and a ton of patience – all qualities in which the owner of 17th Avenue’s Simply Irie, seems to possess.

Sadly, though, in addition to everything that business owner, Fay Bruney, already had to endure in 2020, her family-run Caribbean eatery has also been the target of several recent break-ins, robberies, and acts of vandalism. One of which saw patio furniture, which they had invested over $20,000 into mid-COVID, removed and stolen.

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But here’s the thing. The public can actually help!

The restaurant, which serves a number of authentic dishes, including roti, Jamaican patties, curries, and stew, has a Go Fund Me page, detailing the various incidents and rallying support.

As of today, August 10th, Calgarians have managed to raise over $12,600 for a better security system and to help alleviate the financial stress brought on by COVID – but there’s still a ways to go.

According to the page, their goal is $30,000, meaning they’re nearly halfway there.

Of course, because not everyone is able to donate there are other ways that you can help too!


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“A five-star Google review goes a long way and won’t cost you a dime,” said their page Admin, on an Instagram story, posted this morning.

In addition to this, it’s also worth ordering from them directly. This way, you can help their business grow and indulge in a tasty-looking lunch!

We’ve already lost so many of the great restaurants that make Calgary’s food scene as diverse and delicious as it is, let’s not let this one be one of them.

Check them out, give what you can – if you can – and support them online. It’s the little things, ya’ know?!


Where: 1510 6 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Simply.Irie