Are you a star? A total gameplayer? A success story? An absolute mess? Well then, congrats may be in order, because Netflix is now casting its biggest upcoming reality shows, and Canadians can apply! However, that’s not even the coolest part! Not only are they looking for Canada’s most entertaining and screen-friendly folks – Netflix also just launched a new website, making it insanely for us to apply.

We think we can speak for almost everyone when we say that for far too long, Canadians have been excluded from TV’s best and worst shows in history – but oh, have times changed.

No matter where you’re from, or whether you’re looking for someone to spend your life or a night with; are looking to show off your skills, talents or lack thereof; want to change your life or are just looking to get a little screen time, the world’s most popular streaming platform probably has a show – heck, maybe even two – for you.

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With its brand new website, Netflix Reality, it’s literally never been easier to apply.

From Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle, Queer Eye and The Circle, the world’s most popular streaming platform is now asking for anyone and everyone (in participating regions) over the age of 18 to send in audition videos as part of what they are calling the ‘largest reality casting call EVER.’

Interested? All you have to do is create a one-minute video explaining what makes you so special and why you’d like to appear on one of their shows.

After you think that you’ve put together something that screams ‘winner,’ hop on to their site and submit it to as many shows as you’d like!

As of right now, there are 12 listed in several different categories – each of which is just as, or even more popular than the one before it. Impressive!

It’s definitely worth trying, right?!

Good luck, Canada – we hope to see as many of you representing the North as possible! Who knows, with 15 minutes you could build an empire.