BC is making headlines for something you might not expect. Our very own BC stretch of the Trans Canada Highway just made a new list of the world’s most deadly roads. If you’re wondering, it topped every other road in Canada. So should we be honored or terrified? Keep reading to find out. (Terrified, though).

The new list comes from Budget Direct who enlisted Neomam to scour “national government websites and transport associations in each country to find the roads with the highest accident rates”. When it comes to Canada, BC came out on top with the Revelstoke to Golden stretch of the Trans Canada Highway. The results are probably not too surprising for people familiar with the stretch of road.

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Trans Canada Highway
Photo via Budget Direct

It’s only an hour and 40 minutes of road or 147.3 km but it’s often in the news for accidents and road closures. That’s is in part due to its windy nature and the fact that many stretches of the road are very high, narrow, and bendy. It’s also a high-volume road for people commuting, truckers, and more. All of those factors have made it locally known as a bit of a death trap over the years.

Now we’re getting some global recognition for the road and it might not be BC’s best look. But maybe it will finally convince the government to do much-needed work on the road. 660 News spoke to Revelstoke’s mayor, Gary Sulz who pointed out that there is work to be done but it won’t be cheap. The biggest part of that work would be doubling the road allowing for more room for drivers to safely maneuver the twists and turns.

Now if you’re wondering about our neighbors down south, their deadliest stretch of road is the Interstate 45 which has 5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles. Yikes! Hey, at least we’re not the worst right? Well if you want to see all of the findings you can click here.