Think you mastered a cool skill over quarantine? This skateboarding 10-year-old may have you beat. Meet Fay Ebert, a Toronto resident who is absolutely shredding the skatepark game. Over the past little while, this crazy cool kid has not only mastered a ton of tricks that most adults wouldn’t dare try, but she’s also gained a massive social media following because of it.

Yup, over 15k follows on Instagram log on to check out some of the amazing stunts and tricks she posts daily. There are videos of her taking on massive ramps, crazy high jumps, and more. She even recently posted a video clearing a wall of 12 skateboards stacked on top of each other. Seriously, this kid is fearless!

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When asked what inspired the daredevil jump, Fay told Global News that it was born out of boredom. “I was walking around the park and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do, I’m bored,’” she said, “And all of a sudden I was like ‘Wait, let’s do what we did yesterday — let’s stack some boards!'” Wow. When we’re bored we just turn on Netflix… We could learn a thing or two from this girl.

And it’s not just the Internet that’s noticed Fay’s talents. Word on the street is that she might already be in the running to represent Canada at the Olympics one day. Skateboarding is becoming an official Olympic sport in Tokyo 2021, which will perfectly set things up for this Torontonian prodigy. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this skateboarding 10-year-old on the world stage in a few years

You can check out more of her stunts on Instagram.