Well, ok, this rocky mountain mansion is Canada’s best vacation home if you’re into mountain getaways. We’ve still got respect for the coastal options out there. But, if you’re ready to feel like you just unlocked a secret home in Red Dead Redemption 2, then this house in Canmore is right up your alley.

rocky mountain mansion

Located at the edge of Banff National Park, the home offers a pristine view of one of the country’s most stunning areas. Flanked by mountains and backing onto a provincial park, you’re just a hop, skip and jump away from becoming the world’s richest mountain hermit.


We say the world’s richest because the price point is serious, at just under $9 million. And while that can get you some pretty fun stuff, the location of this property simply can’t be beaten. Seriously, you’ll feel like the self-appointed mayor while you’re relaxing on the patio.

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rocky mountain mansion

Or while you’re working in the garage, or sweating off that dinner in the sauna. Frankly, this home has got all the amenities you could ever need. Well actually, we are a little surprised that there are no stables on the property. Whatever, the 1,001 bottle wine cellar makes up for that.


Now, we will have to say that the interior design is somewhat lacking. But, we have no doubt that whoever can afford this home can also afford to spend a couple hundred thousand on sprucing it up a little. Goodbye, weird floors and dated furniture. Hello, weird reclaimed furniture and lifetime cast Remington bronzes.


To check out this incredible rocky mountain mansion in full, just click here. Sweet real restate dreams, folks!