Airbnb launches ‘City Portal’ to support tourism worldwide

Photo via Airbnb

We’re not going to lie, when we read the words ‘City Portal’, we thought that Airbnb had just gone and wrapped all its experiences and stays together in different cities. Turns out, the new initiative from Airbnb is both less cool and somehow cooler than we thought. Here’s why.

It’s less cool because the ‘City Portal’ is a new tool that helps tourism organizations and governments figure out the short term rental market. Basically, data is going to be packaged better and more accessible. And, that makes things like marketing and enforcing rules easier.

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Which is why it might be cooler. Importantly, the City Portal will let governments monitor Airbnb listings to make sure that rules and bylaws are being followed. And, that should translate to a little less insanity in the short term rental market. We love Airbnb, but we don’t love rolling into a new city and a hostile condo building because we didn’t know any better.

A number of cities have signed on to use the tool, including Vancouver, Seattle, and Calgary. If you’d like to read more about the new tool, just click here!