As the weather gets warmer, we’re all looking forward to the return of the city’s ActiveTO program. Just like last summer, this year we’ll see streets all over town closed off to vehicles on the weekends so that pedestrians and cyclists can roam free. However, unlike last year, one popular city street might not be participating this summer.

Which street, you ask? We’re talking about Lakeshore Blvd W. In a recent news release, the City of Toronto explained that the ActiveTO staple may no longer be a feasible part of the program. The reason being that even though the street was a hit for pedestrians, its closure caused major traffic delays on the Gardiner and the Queensway. On top of that, we’re looking at construction scheduled in nearby areas during the summer. Which would only add to the traffic concerns.

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But don’t worry, ActiveTO program participants. The program will still be going on this summer, most likely in the other popular streets of Bayview Ave and Yonge St. Plus, the recommendation to exclude Lakeshore Blvd W isn’t quite set in stone just yet. So be sure to keep on eye on City of Toronto updates for more info on all that.

Along with ActiveTO, we’ll also be getting an exciting pilot project on Yonge St this year. The report included a recommendation that the ActiveTO cycling network be expanded to include parts of midtown Yonge St. More specifically, the stretch from Bloor St to Davisville Ave.

If you ask us, all this talk about getting active outdoors has got us extra excited for the warm weather. Whichever streets end up the official ActiveTO locations, we know we’ll be stopping by all the time.