One TikTok user has taken generosity to the next level. Meet Juwon Thomas, the Waterloo Region resident who’s hiding cash all around town. Thanks to him, folks in the community get to participate in a fun way to find a little extra cash.

So the project started back in the summertime and has quickly become a routine occurrence. Juwon Thomas takes to TikTok to post a clip of himself hiding a wad of cash. Originally, the videos were featuring smaller sums of money. But now they’re featuring amounts as high as a few hundred dollars at a time.

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With the clip of him hiding the cash, Juwon gives a little camera pan of the surrounding area. If folks from the region recognize the spot, they can head out to the hiding place to pick up the cash reward.

As for why he’s doing this? Juwon Thomas says it’s a way to help those who are struggling amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s certainly a creative way to help out if we’ve ever seen one!

So if you’re in the Waterloo Region, be sure to give this amazing TikTok user a follow.  You can watch the whole journey (and hopefully snag some cash) when you check out his account here.