Say goodbye to plastic Frappuccino straws. Starbucks Canada is phasing out their plastic straws in exchange for paper ones, which will be rolled out in late August for drinks that require one. The straws are durable, compostable and will resemble the existing ones with the chain’s signature green colour.

The company says that this initiative, combined with their shift to strawless lids, will save 68 million single-use plastic straws from Canadian landfills. It’s part of their mission to eliminate one billion plastic straws worldwide each year and reduce 50% of waste by 2030. And that’s not their only announcement to reduce single-use plastics at their cafes.

Starting on August 24th, Starbucks is bringing back personal reusable cups across Canada, which will score you a 10 cent discount every time you use it. And let’s be honest, when your latte is $5, every penny counts.

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The cups allow Starbucks’ baristas to make your drink contact-free, without any shared touchpoints, by placing the drink in a ceramic mug while it’s being made — you can see a whole step-by-step process here.

Only clean cups are being accepted for now, and the service isn’t available for drive-thru yet, but it’s in the plans. The chain is also bringing back ‘For Here Ware’ for eating and drinking in-store, where it’s available and permitted by local public health.

So, the next time you sip on a Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino, you’ll know that you saved a plastic straw from ending up in a landfill.