Okay, we know the whole world kinda feels like a horror movie with all this coronavirus business going on. But this creek in Etobicoke has just stepped the creepy level up a notch. Or 12 notches. It’s running red, you guys. Like super red. Seriously, it looks like a river of blood. Yuck!

So how did this happen? No, this is not some divine intervention. Or the site of about 8000 murders. Turns out it was an ink spill. A very big, very red ink spill. Yikes.

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This was all discovered by some hikers who were out for a walk and stumbled on the horrific looking scene. They quickly reported it. And apparently The Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks are already on site cleaning it up.

While we’re certain this can’t be good for the environment, for some reason we just can’t seem to look away. It probably has something to do with the same reasons we love horror movies. We’re not sure. But ugh, it’s sending chills down our spine!