Our hearts are officially melting. A Toronto-based rescue organization called Peanut Mutter Rescue (PMR) is still looking for a home for an adorable puppy named Wink, who was brought into the city from Jordan earlier this month. PMR is hoping to find a foster-to-adopt home for Wink, but despite how cute she is, not enough people are applying to take her home.

PMR’s founder Nisa Gunduz told Curiocity that they’re “surprised at the lack of applications that came through” for Wink, but that it’s a “sign of the times” for animal rescue organizations right now.

Photos of the happy-looking pup got a lot of attention on their Facebook page, but it didn’t lead to many applications. According to Gunduz, the number of people interested in adopting or fostering a dog has declined now that life is slowly returning back to normal.

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“So many people adopted during COVID and more dogs than ever are being returned to shelters abroad so rescues are overflowing with dogs with much less demand to adopt,” said Gunduz.

“Wink has only been posted for adoption for three days but during the thick of the pandemic, a post like hers would have generated 30-40 applications in that time.”

Gunduz and her partners Al-Rahmeh for Animals frequently rescue dogs from Jordan, where many of them suffer horrific abuse. Transporting them to Canada is an expensive process, and the only way they can continue to save dogs like Wink is if more people are willing to adopt them.

Wink is described as a typical “happy, playful, friendly and loving,” puppy who is expected to be around 55 lbs when she’s fully grown. Photos shared by PMR show her running and gazing sweetly at the camera. PMR also shared a video of her rescue, which shows how far she’s come since she was found.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take much longer for Wink to find her new family.