Talk about a unique idea for a rooftop patio! The Canadian Brewhouse at Lewis Estates in Edmonton has transformed its rooftop into a skating rink for this winter, and we couldn’t be more excited. Now, you can build up an appetite skating around, then enjoy a great meal from the exact same space. That’s convenience right there.

Opening this past weekend, the rooftop skating rink occupies the entire patio, resulting in an experience we’ve never seen before. Sure, you can skate at any number of spots around Edmonton, but on a rooftop? Now that’s innovation.

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We’re sure this is going to be a popular option throughout the season, so we suggest following along via Facebook to learn about dates and times, which according to the Canadian Brewhouse will be released ‘very soon’. Who knows, your dinner date this weekend could have a little ice skating involved!

Now for our two cents, we’re wondering if it’s possible to throw in a mini curling rink up there, which would be a ball in the context of the sports bar vibe. Fingers crossed that it happens, but either way, you need to check out this new option in the city.

Canadian Brewhouse- Rooftop Skating Rink in Edmonton

When: Dates and times to be announced
Where: 1320 Webber Greens Drive NW