Alright, people, your search for the perfect holiday gift can stop now ‘cause we just found it. And we have the Toronto Downtown West BIA, or the Toronto Entertainment District as we know it, to thank for it.

In hopes of giving the local economy a much-deserved boost for the holidays, Toronto Downtown West BIA just dropped its e-gift card and aptly named it, the Neighbourhood Gift Card. And right now, you can get 25% value-added back with purchase, but more on that later. 

The gift card can be used to enjoy many of your fave downtown hotspots including museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants & bars and several retail and self-care services. There are some 47 (and counting) businesses participating in the program. 

You’ll see popular names on the list like Abbozzo Gallery, District resto-bar, Hyatt Regency, Mascot Brewery and Fresh and Wild Food Markets among others. You can check out the full list here!


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And here’s the exciting part about the Neighbourhood Gift Card. Every single Neighbourhood GC comes topped with a 25% bonus. So, basically, the gift card lets you have amazing experiences with  25% more value and support local at the same. So for example, snagging a $100 Neighbourhood Gift Card will actually give you $125 worth of spending power. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving, eh! 

Well, with continued shipping delays and the constant ‘will my gifts arrive in time’ stress, the Neighbourhood Gift Card seems to have arrived just in time to save Christmas. Whether you gift the Neighbourhood GC and let your loved ones pick the experience of their choice, or grab one for yourself to plan a fun day-trip with the fam, you can’t go wrong either way.

The Neighbourhood Gift Card will be available from Dec 13th until supplies last., so you better hop on it! Fair warning though, there’s a limited number of them, so the chances of BIA running out of gift cards is pretty high. 

Check out the Toronto Downtown West BIA website for more deets on the card and partnering businesses. And then head over to the AnyCard BIA store to grab yourself one of these covetable gift cards. Happy holidays, TO!