This week’s home of the week is unlike any other. The Langley Ave property comes with loads of room and quite the backstory. If you’re on the market for a completely renovated residential heritage building with a whole lot of history to unpack, then keep on reading.


The Langley Ave home is located on, well, Langley Ave. But to get a little broader, it’s in the heart of Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood. This area is known for it’s trendy shops, awesome parks, and rich history. So whoever moves in will have it pretty sweet.

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Langley ave

Although the outside of the home looks like a castle, the inside doesn’t exactly match. In here, you’ll find bare and simple aesthetics with a clean and new feel. If that’s not really your vibe, that’s fine. Think of it as a blank slate!

As for the specs, settle in for this one. The house is equipped with 24 dwelling rooms. Yes, you read that correctly. Each dwelling has a washroom and individually controlled heat and air conditioning. Four of the rooms even have their own kitchenettes.

langley aveLangley ave

If the out-of-the-ordinary layout has you wonder what this place’s deal is, let us give you the backstory. So before 28 Langley Ave hit the market as a residential property it was actually an old nurse’s rooming house. In fact, there was a bit of controversy surrounding the property in 2019, when a group of new owners evicted the residents.

Many Langley Ave neighbours even took to the street to protest the evictions at the time. But alas, the property is now empty of tenets and on the market, so you can connect the dots as to how that all ended.

Langley ave

The basement kitchen and locker shelving unit still remain as an obvious reminder of the house’s previous life.

Along with all that, the home also boasts 11′ Ceilings, vinyl flooring, a laundry room, pool room, and of course, that basement common area. There’s also a large backyard with enough room for a barbecue. Plus, multiple balconies throughout.

Langley ave

No matter where you stand on controversy, there’s no denying that Langley Ave is really something. For a closer look, you can attend their virtual open house this week. And if you do find yourself looking to buy, it’ll only cost you $7,499,990. Our advice? Absolute lowball the current owners, as is the capitalist way. Take it all in here.