Well Vancouver, cherry blossom season is officially in full swing. And, we’re sure that you’re itching to explore what this spring has to offer. Heck, we know that we sure are. So, we think now’s a good time to tell you about an interactive map that shows all of Vancouver’s stunning cherry blossom trees.

Organized by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Fest, the map has a whopping 2,689 locations listed, representing about 50 different cultivars of trees. So, you can organize your next outing by the neighbourhood, or by the type of tree you want to see! Yeah, we’ve really got a paradise when it comes to this stuff.

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And, you could always just click this link to check out some of our favourite spots. But who knows! Maybe there are some hidden gems around the city that we overlooked. If we did, make sure to be a pal and tag us in any social media posts you make. Well, if you feel like sharing your find with us.

We hope that you do. To check out the map and start planning your own cherry blossom adventure in Vancouver, click this link. Enjoy yourselves outside this week, folks!