As we continue on this Women’s History Month, we’re taking a moment to appreciate all the ladies that made Canada what it is today. Right now, you can check out an interactive map of the country that’ll guide you through 500 locations named after women. From coast to coast, you can uncover the role women have had in shaping the history of the True North Strong and Free.

The interactive map was created by the Natural Resource Canada’s Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, along with the Geographical Names Board of Canada and provincial heritage branches. This is the third mapping project from this particular group, with similar versions available charting places named after veterans and an Indigenous map of place names.

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interactive map

When you look through the map, you can explore based on their colour-coded system. Each spot is categorized based on who the women were that its named after. The categories include everything from early settlers, to Indigenous women, to political figures, royalty, and more.

When you click on a spot, you’ll find a little blurb about the area and even a photo of the woman who lent her name.

So learn a little about the fabulous females who made Canada what it is today! You can explore the interactive map when you head to the official website here.