They brought handcrafted versions of the best desserts under one roof. They made desserts look like works of art. They made desserts the main event. And they completely revolutionized the way we perceive and enjoy our desserts. So, it was no surprise that D Spot became YYC’s most happening dessert café in just a couple of years.

Frankly, the sheer length of their menu (which btw is way longer than any regular restaurant) is enough to impress the pickiest of eaters. C’mon, where else will we find all our favourite desserts at one single joint; be it milkshakes, hot & cold bevvies, waffles, pancakes, crepes and cakes. Although, calling them mundane names like waffles and pancakes is nothing short of an insult to what is actually served.

d spot calgary
Photo via D Spot

Their funnel cake, in particular, is our all-time fave, talking of which we are def hitting D Spot as soon as we finish writing this!

While this dessert paradise truly made sweet treats the first course, their actual first course has never once disappointed us either, be it in taste or variety. We dare you to find a poutine and pizza menu as extensive as theirs outside of a poutinerie or a pizzeria.

d spot calgary
Photos via D Spot

Following the success of its 17th Ave store, D Spot set up shop on 36th St NE as well. And they’ve just opened up a third location in Calgary at Sage Hill. Unlike the former two, this one introduces a new concept, the mid-size.

For the uninitiated, D Spot offers three different concepts at its various franchisees- full, mid-size and desserts only. As can be guessed from the names, the full concept is one where you’ll find their most elaborate menu. The mid-size concept is where you’ll find a relatively smaller menu (and no pizzas). And the desserts only concept, well, is self-explanatory.

Don’t know about you, but we sure are excited to see one more of these dessert hinterlands coming to town! Here, check out their long, long menu on the website, in case you need to curb that raging sweet desire. Or browse through their Insta feed to be transported to a world of sweet fantasy!

D Spot

Where: 920 36 St NE, Unit 123