If you’re like most Christmas shoppers you probably wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to check gifts off your list and score good deals while you’re at it. The trouble is knowing what to buy for your loved ones who just so happen to have the pickiest taste and most obscure interests on the planet. But, one way to help ease your gift-giving anxiety is to go mainstream by looking at all of the items Canadians are Googling right now.

Thanks to Google, we’ve got the equivalent of walking into Wal-Mart and asking an employee what’s “hip these days.” Over the past two weeks, Google has been collecting insights from Canadian users to find out what kinds of items they’re searching for ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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As for actual toys- the most searched option is the recently released LEGO DOTS collection, which lets creative kids LEGO everything from gel pens to bracelets and bag tags. The other top trending toys in Canada right now are Little People Toys, LOL Dolls, Yoyo and Minecraft Lego.

Shopping for someone a little older? You might want to consider one of the most-Googled consumer electronics in Canada, like the Xbox One S, Nikon z9, earbuds or Bose soundbar.

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If you’re more practical in your gift-giving, then you might be thinking about fitness equipment or home appliances. In those categories, the most Googled items include a Peleton treadmill, hip thrust machine, exercise bike, dumbbells, and a horizon treadmill.

Dominating the home appliance category is dehumidifier, Immersion blender, food steamer, wall oven, and snowblower.


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Out of all the clothing getting searched for, ‘North Face jacket’ tops the list. But which North Face! Our guess? The Nuptse, which is easily the most popular of them all. Other top-trending clothing searches include ugly Christmas sweaters, dresses, suits, and gold necklaces.

Also fair warning to all those shopping for perfume this holiday season- good luck figuring out which of the dozens of brands and thousands of scents to choose online. If you don’t dare take on that challenge, you could opt for one of the other frequently Googled beauty products by Canadians — tea tree oil, gel nails, mascara, and shea moisturizer.

According to Google, 44% of Canadians plan to get ahead of the holiday rush and start their shopping extra early this year, so if you’ve got a long list to work through, you might want to score some early Black Friday deals and get started.