We’ll just step right out and say it- if you went to elementary or middle school in the 90s or early 2000s, woe unto you if you didn’t get at least one Tamagotchi toy. The Japanese ‘pet’ toy was ubiquitous in Canada for almost a decade, before smartphones rolled around and demolished pretty much everything in that space. Hot take- we wish they stayed, so that some of our friends would have the slightest clue about how to raise a pet. We feel the same about the Neopets wave, by the way.

Anyway, for the folks without obscure memories, the Tamagotchi was/is a portable device that lets you care for a virtual pet. You feed it, play with it, and generally care for it. Now, the real kicker (and in contrast to Neopets) was that poor care often resulted in a pet dying, which can be hard for an 8-year-old to process. Sorry little Timmy, but old Rex here just couldn’t handle your neglect, and now resides in Tamagotchi heaven, better luck next time!

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And while the toy kind of dropped off in North America, its seen continuous success in Japan, resulting in re-releases and updates over the years. This latest one seems to be the biggest of them all, though. The new Tamagotchi Pix ($59.99 USD) device features touch-screen buttons, new games to play, and most importantly, a camera that lets you take photos with your pet! How adorable!

A few months ago, we’d be putting the Tamagotchi into the same category as Beanie Babies- worthwhile for a laugh, but good luck getting your money back. However, the meteoric rise of Pokemon cards has us maybe rethinking our position. Who knows, maybe some 17-year-old on StockX doesn’t understand the ‘game’, and is willing to pay double the MSRP in a few months.

Or better yet, some absolute clown 20 years from now decides to risk it all to resell it, like with original Charizard cards right now. If you can’t tell, we’re extremely salty for selling our Pokemon collection during a garage sale 10 years ago.

To learn more about the new Tamagotchi Pix device, head on over to the Bandai America website!