Tanlines? Who wants ’em? Shame? Shouldn’t be necessary! It’s 2021 and if you feel comfortable enough to free the nip on a beach somewhere you should be able to. After all, nobody should let a little fabric hold them back from living their most authentic life! Unfortunately, not all counties across the globe feel the same way and we’re unable to change their minds. What we can do, however, is help you find the most ‘free and easy’ places to go by sharing this nifty guide to topless and nude sunbathing. Hint, Canadians won’t have to travel very far. 

Created by swim apparel company Pour Moi, this worldwide map actually shows and even ranks the countries that are (and are not) open to some skin; which is handy because who in the heck wants to get arrested without a sweater. Jail cells look pretty cold.

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topless and nude sunbathing
Photo Via Pour Moi

“We design our swimsuits and bikinis to make you feel and look fabulous, but we know some of you love to ditch your cozzie and show some more skin in order to soak up as much vitamin D as possible,”  they said in a press release.

After looking into the rules and regulations of each country, they were able to develop a colour-coded system, which labels each country either green for go, red for no, and yellow meaning proceed with caution.

As we said, those who live in the great white north certainly won’t have to travel far, earning themselves a lime listing in their study along with Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. Surprisingly, though our neighbours to the south were actually flagged in yellow.

For more information on their guide to topless and nude sunbathing or just to shop for a bathing suit or something, you can check out their website here.

Did any of these surprise you? Will you be hitting Canada’s peep show? Let us know in the comments!