Ahh, the housing market, equally stressful as it is entertaining. We really never know what’s going to hit the market next. But there’s one Ontario property, in particular, that’s caught our eye because it’s entirely underwater. Didn’t know that was a possibility? Welcome to the club.

The property, sitting about 3 hours west of Toronto in Shrewsbury, Ontario, is located on the Canadian side of Lake Erie and is a 7.7-hectare lot all for $99,000. Seems like a great deal right? Well not so fast because the property is entirely underwater. Laughable indeed but the icing on the cake here is that the realtor describes the property as “presently underwater”.

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Photo via Realtor

Now you may be thinking, no big deal, just put a houseboat on it right? Wrong. The property has no land access. That’s probably why the realtor also tells prospective buyers to “get creative” but offers no ideas. Do you have any ideas? Maybe the new owner should just build an island because they can.

One other thing worth noting about the listing is that the realtor mentions that this property ‘could have endless possibilities in the future.’ What does that mean? Well, it could mean that this realtor has done some homework on the declining water levels of the Great Lakes, and is betting a few years ahead of time on this property not being as wet as it is now.

under water property ontario
Photo via IanSkylake17 / Shutterstock.com

Thinking of Lake Erie being less of a lake is, well, eerie, and that pun is absolutely intended.

Now if you’re wondering, entirely submerged properties like these are not common in Canada so don’t worry about this becoming a new norm. But if you’re really enamored with the idea of owning an underwater property we won’t stop you. Check it out here.