With Halloween only weeks away, our interest in the sinister has reached its peak. From ghost towns and horror movies to creepy places to wander or stay, we can’t help but lean into the shade of this season. One place that has our spooky senses tingling? Saskatchewan’s Stonehall Castle, the only medieval-style castle in all of Canada.

Despite its enchanting origin story of love and some seriously pricy devotion – the inside of Stonehall Castle is undoubtedly haunting.

Located in Regina, this 10,000 square foot palace is totally frozen in time and features thousand-year-old limestone which was imported from Greece, antique furniture, light fixtures and tapestries.

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Reminiscent of the Slovakian fortress in vampire classic Nosferatu or literally any episode of Scooby-Doo, the owner of Stonehall Casltle offers tours, holds weddings, and hosts the occasional overnight guest.

Now, with modern amenities like a washer and dryer, heated flooring, a theatre, and a hot tub, it actually sounds pretty luxurious but we can’t help but think that in a particular mindset, this place could be rather chilling.

This, of course, hasn’t hindered so many from visiting or even getting married in it though.


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After all, as we mentioned earlier, Stonehall’s history is honestly pretty touching.

Shortly after a cyclone in 1912, Francis Nicholson Darke’s wife was terrified.

Rightfully, after the incident, she felt unsafe and would regularly ask her husband to build them a home where she could feel at ease.

Later in life with their children grown, he finally set out to build her dream home made completely of stone – a stronghold that could withstand almost anything. Beautiful, right? Well… don’t get too warm and fuzzy on us.

In 1970, long after the Darke’s had passed, the home was converted into a funeral home, so we dare you to tell us this place doesn’t have a little spirit. How could it not after acting as a crematorium for 30 years? 


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Finally, in 2004 it was purchased by a real estate investor with a passion for architecture. It was he, who brought the home back to its former glory – spending millions of dollars to do so. Now – it’s available to the public and it’s seen everything from beginnings, to birthday parties, vacations, and anniversaries.

So take what you will from it. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so are spooks. Either way, this place is incredibly cool and you should definitely check it out.


Where: 2210 College Ave, Regina
Instagram: @stonehallcastle