Now that the weather is warming in Toronto, folks are on the hunt for the best swimming holes in the city. Well, what if we told you there’s an app that connects swim-searching pool hopefuls with homeowners looking to make an extra buck. It’s called Swimply and it might just change the game this summer.

So, Swimply officially launched about 3 years ago, but it’s been gaining in popularity in more recent days. The app works by allowing people with pools to rent their space out by the hour to folks looking for a swim. Sounds simple, right? No wonder it’s become such a hit…

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Pool owners all over Toronto have already registered their backyards for others to enjoy. The app is perfect for people looking to make a little extra cash to offset the costs of maintaining their own pool. In fact, reports have said that top earners have made up to $87,000 in only 10 months! Can you imagine? When you register your pool, you get to set your hourly rate, then Swimply takes a 15% cut.

If you’re not a pool owner but are looking for a swim, the app is perfect for you too. Say goodbye to public pools with floating bandaids and way too many crowds. This app provides a more personal, friendly, and neighbourly way to go for a swim.

Swimply is up and running right now, with pools already available for rent this summer. Be sure to keep your eye out, because another app by the same folks is on its way. It’ll be called Joyspace and instead of pools, folks will be able to rent private spaces like tennis courts, private gyms, docked boats, and more. Check out a preview of that (and join the waitlist) online here.


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