Willing to pay that crazy Canadian return fee for re-entering the country after travelling elsewhere? Well, although we wouldn’t advise hopping on a plane just yet, the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta is sure making it tough to convincingly state our case.

According to a recent press release, the Euro paradise will actually pay guests to travel overseas this summer as long as they stay 3 or more nights. Realistically, this pretty much applies to everyone, because why would you go all that way for a weekend?

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Now, you might be wondering why they’re willing to do this. Well, folks, it’s pretty simple! This cash-back style stimulus is being done in hopes of kicking off their tourist season, in turn putting more money into their economy.

Payments will be made based on their 3-tier system, with those staying in a 5-star hotel receiving 100 euros, people staying in a four-star spot getting around 75 euros back and 3-star hotel guests begin gifted 50 euros back per booking.

Each amount given to you by the government will also be matched by participating hotels up to a maximum of 200 euros – but in order to qualify it’s important that you book directly through the resort.

For more information about the Malta travel program (set to start in June) or to apply, you can check out their website here. However, please keep in mind that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and there are several risks and rules that must be followed upon returning.

If you’d like a refresh on all travel requirements you can visit the Canadian Government’s website here.