With the first-ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation coming this week, we thought it’d be a good idea to remind you about an entire course about Indigenous Canada. What’s more, it’s available online and for free, courtesy of the University of Alberta and Coursera. Here’s what to know.

The Indigenous Canada course offers a ‘historical and critical’ perspective, with a focus on national and local Indigenous-settler relations. So, you’ll be learning about everything from the fur trade to land treaties to contemporary issues and Indigenous culture.

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The ‘critical’ side means this course will go far beyond your Grade 4 social studies class and Louis Riel. Over 12 lessons, you’ll get an in-depth look at how the systemic mistreatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada, as well as the ongoing erasure of their ways of life, has created intergenerational effects and social issues that will take a lot more than a new holiday to fix. It’s a great start, don’t get us wrong, but it’s still a start.

The course has been taken by almost 400,000 people so far, and has received glowing reviews. Some of our more pop-culture savvy readers might even recognize this course from last year, when Dan Levy sang its praises. Well, he did it for good reason, and if you’d like to find that out for yourself, you can enrol by clicking this link. Happy learning, folks!