Mister Ice Cream is pretty much the definition of a modern ice cream shop. Maybe without realizing it, they’ve created the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and collaboration to create some of the best and most interesting ice cream treats in the city. Are we taking ice cream too seriously here? We don’t think so, not when Vancouver’s scene is full of heavyweights.

So, hearing that the beloved shop is opening a second location in Kitsilano is music to our ears. If you haven’t tried Mister, you’re in for a real treat. First, they source from local farmers and producers whenever possible. Then, they’ve found a way to use liquid nitrogen to rapidly cool the ice cream, resulting in a ‘richer, creamier and denser’ final product.

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We’ve yet to do side-by-side comparisons (we probably should, for the good of the people), but we do know that the ice cream is delicious. And, we’re firm believers in their ice cream sandwiches, which are easily among the best in the city. Pair that with a whole bunch of seasonal/rotating flavours and a collaboration every once in a while, and you’ve got a winning recipe.

And, there’s one final bit of icing on the cake, or creme brulee on the ice cream sandwich. Mister is planning to have different flavours at the Kitsilano location than their own downtown! Who knows, we may just have to visit both in a week once the Kits one is open. For quality control purposes, you know?

Mister Ice Cream- Kitsilano

When: Slated to open summer 2021
Where: 1835 West 1st Avenue