In case you needed an excuse to order poutine, we got one for you. The 11th Annual Poutine With Purpose Fest is coming to Vancouver for the first time this week.

The festival, which is also taking place in Victoria, Calgary, and Hamilton, is a citywide festival dedicated to that cheesy, gravy-y fried delicacy Canadians love. It’s not only a whole week dedicated to our favourite meal, however. Poutine With Purpose is also for a good cause.

For every poutine ordered, a healthy meal will be bought for youth in need through Mealshare. Now that’s awesome! So cast out that guilt and order poutine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because it’s basically charity work to eat.

And since variety is the spice of life, you’ll be happy to know that eight Vancouver restaurants are participating.

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If you’re looking for a classic poutine, we recommend checking out Colony’s ‘Colony Poutine,’ which has all the classic fixins of great poutine. Want to get outside of the box? Why not try Brix and Mortar’s braised pork shoulder poutine that’s smothered in Japanese yellow curry with cheese curds, carrots, green onions and peas. Crazy? Yes. Deliscious? Oh yes.

The festival began in Calgary and has since expanded across Canada. And, since the start of the festival, they’ve sold over 35,000 poutines! Which means a whole lot of healthy meals for kids who need them.

You can check out the full list of what restaurants in Vancouver are participating by going to their website right here. There are some must-try spots on their list.

You can also learn more about the event by going here.

Poutine with Purpose

Where: Find participating restaurants here
When: Friday, April 23rd – May 1st