If you’re looking for an easy way to spend a month, we may have found an option for you. A company is currently hiring ‘smart watchers’ to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix shows. And, it comes with a pretty decent payday for your troubles.

The ‘writing platform’ EduBirdie is behind the idea. Basically, they’re looking for people to watch at least 3 episodes of 10 different shows, then provide their feedback via surveys. The goal? To see which shows ‘motivate them and help them perceive information better’.

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In addition to the surveys, the smart watchers will also take short tests to see how they can ‘remember and perceive new information’ after watching it. For their troubles over the course of a month, there’s a $1,000 USD payday at the end of it. And yes, this opportunity is open to Canadian residents (we checked).

The shows that EduBirdie are willing to pay you to watch are pretty decent as well, and include titles like Stranger Things, Atypical, Sex/Life, Ozark, Virgin River, The Crown, Fleabag, The Boys, and more.

Now, we will say that EduBirdie has made its money off people not doing schoolwork, and requiring professional assistance to complete projects and papers. But, they seem to have branched out recently, so we’re not going to sit here and condemn them completely.

Instead, we’ll just point in their direction if you think this might be up your alley. Fingers crossed the shows you watch will be good ones!