Calling all skiers, snowboarders, and lovers of the outdoors! Ski resorts around Ontario have begun to reopen, just in time for us to make the most of what’s left of winter. It’s also the best time to get 40% off of one of the best masks you could ever find. That’s what BUFF Canada is offering to you right now. Let’s check them out!

buff filter tube mask

BUFF Canada, based in Canmore, is the exclusive Canadian distributor of BUFF® products. What began with an idea for a seamless tubular neckwear option made of microfibre back in the early 1990s, has grown into a multi-functional lineup of products that keep you warm, safe, and looking pretty damn cool.

With a huge variety of neckwear and headwear, it only made sense for BUFF to take on the current pandemic with its expertise. Thus, they’ve launched a new line of tubes and masks that still function with the high quality expected from Buff, but also keep you safe!

buff canada mask

The BUFF® Filter Tube is one of those products. It’s built with the same technology and design behind their iconic Multifunctional tubular, but with one big difference. The BUFF® Filter Tube comes with a pocket to insert filters. It’s like having a warm scarf and a certified filter mask wrapped up all into one!

buff canada mask

Now, remember that 40% off we mentioned? Yeah, you can get that! All you have to do is sign up for the BUFF Canada newsletter before February 25th to get the code. It’s only valid from Feb 25th to March 3rd, so make sure to get yourself onto that newsletter list ASAP.

Whether you’re hitting the ski hill, going for a hike, or just strolling down to the local store, the BUFF® Filter Tube is the perfect item for enjoying days outside and doing it safely.